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Optional Excursions

Buenos Aires Highlights

This complete city tour includes all of Buenos Aires’ major highlights such as Plaza de Mayo, the Casa Rosada, Congress, San Telmo, La Boca and Recoleta. Two stops are included for free time and souvenir hunting. The first is at the famous Caminito Street in La Boca with it’s outdoor flee market. The second, at the end of the tour will be in Recoleta where you will have the chance to visit it’s famous cemetry and the resting place of Eva Perón (Evita).

Tigre Delta & Waterways of Buenos Aires

The Tigre Delta with its rivers, streams and green islands is one of Argentina’s most attractive areas to explore. For more than 100 years the channels of the Tigre Delta have been a favorite gateway for Porteños. Take a leisurely, one-hour ride aboard a comfortable river cruiser along the waterways. On the way back to Buenos Aires, you’ll pass through residential areas of Argentina’s capital.

Take time to stroll around San Isidro—one of the few remaining sites where style and romanticism are still proudly on display.

A Day on the Pampas

The pampas is a sea of green grass that covers a quarter of the country, and is the home of the legendary gaucho. Prairies extend beyond the horizon, dotted with thousands of head of cattle. The Estancia Santa Susana is a beautiful country residence lwhere you will have the chance to take a horse and carriage ride, and watch the Gauchos demonstrate their skills in the saddle with races and a spectacular open air show. Then enjoy a sumptuous Barbecue including renowned Argentine beef steaks, wine and desserts before being entertained by a delightful folkloric show, including dancing and singing, that represents life on the pampas.

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